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using SWOT on water in our systems, I learned the only liquid in our bodies is a solvent.


The effect of medium+ messenger+ message+ voyage between them to my aware assaulted immune system. Dad’s musical memory, excellence & impish humor, Mom’s remove from imposing-motherhood on my childhood, & my nature-beingness as immune boosters.


Foot spasms, minerals needed, dyslexia confusion, Short term memory gaps, challenging no fruit no sugars Diabetic diet.  Fluoridation in my drinking water, waste from the aluminum industry since the 1950s. http://www.slweb.org/ftrcpersonalstories_cathy.html

How do I feel about heavy mold ‘n metals housing disabilities that shouldn’t have happened. & washing up with toluene roller clean-ups (Vandercook Press) & turpentine washing oil paint off my hands from age 8 (no instruction to children). Solvents education. Water being a solvent is its 4th property.


I found laser dentistry, Healing protocols, narrowly focused pleas for NYC skyfilters bringing water gravity down in a model Sustainable City, Life Cycle scorecard Civic Alliance Green group work with Ground Zero, Lyons SFC lead for Water systems, teaching Permaculture, Improving wastewater plant with Living Machines, dry brushing my skin  before wetting it to revive immune system & enjoy cold water extremes, finding favorite water places…


Diabetes, low thyroid neuropathies, teeth (Mercury agony for years in my NYC loft, systemic infections.

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OP2 A&R Action Repair for Water
OP 1B Learning Contract: Megaphone Pathways
OP 1A Career & Life review: Turning Point Memories in Timelessness

Everything about this OP is already in the OP &  is my most complete. It covers my most near & dear interests. Short of shadowing me, all you need to need to enter my life work is here. Please hit all the links. It is about links and is full of links. A link can be a comma, & the idea is that one word has multiple entries, There was so much to say that storytelling shortened the way to get focused, keep the chapter & cut the stuffing the glue & the divide, for me a novel format. It shows how varying the method of each Output packet writing individualizes interest. Even not believing in Peak Oil, Global Warming, Transition Towns, Bioregionalism, or Financial Permaculture it gives you a look, line & sinker Voila! your catch! With this OP as resource, you’ll understand more of the other OPs when I give less info there. ‘Da Blog is in here too so we can converse. ‘Da websites get into my brain & ‘Da Home ‘Sideways Glance’ is my first linking site where more web pages reside neatly, so we don’t get empty word documents that leave you stranded in ugly-ville.  Enjoy! & Oh, don’t forget, SuperSkyWoman is hovering over you right now, listening & being very patient even when I am frustrated! Earth is whispering!

sections & threads

OP5, Recapturing Home became a survey of all aspects of Home, how it was, is, will exist for me, my town, my persona SuperSkywoman, my business, my aging & more. Let us detective count the ways...../LInks_Appendix_5/Statimsets.html../LInks_Appendix_5/Statimsets.html../Links_3%264/Home.html../5/Specifications+.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3

OP 2 WTTP-Wastewater Treatment Plant: this project is in realtime now being developed, am not letting it go.  You will be introduced to the Treatment Facility in Wastewater-as-is, the Honeywell performance contract, issues around water speaking for its rights to be unpolluted, what it would be like in the page Wastewater-to-be, with a LIving Eco-Machine process to make spiraling systems in our town confront our own wastes. I’ve invited my co-teacher of Town-sponsored permaculture to introduce the SFC to a Community legal  self-determination autonomy-component inspired by Derrick Jensen and the Democracy school. Angles are coming in from the edges to confer & create a center of their own making.

Am learning to involve people/corporations/town staff/commissions/research into infrastructure upgrading & inserting permaculture vision into the WTTP Living Eco-Machine process possibilities. What feels like stoppers to others seems to give me better ideas. Confronting back door economic development in my back brain, has made me step up out of my old timidity to initiate and prioritize discussions and meetings for timely organizing, details and proposals that are helping me, the SFC & other commissions to work more collaboratively, building trust & enthusiasm along the way.

The WTTP scene is constantly disrupted. needing constant triage to keep up with decisions wanting to be made prematurely. The present players I thought were looming into conflict: UEB, EDC, JVA & Honeywell are being tamed somewhat by being asked by the Town administrator to cut back their reports to fit their own best judged criteria.

Am in process of doing due diligence with Jonathan Todd, to answer Questions put out to me. What he is proposing is a design team made up of varied stakeholders who are proponents & adversaries. I quickly raised funds to get him here with his chief engineer Hui Lin for this double gateway to the Rockies lifetime experience. I scrutinized the Town budget for a match & met with & secured donors. The money part of the deal is almost done. I need to present the project to the Board & ask for a 40% match on Aug 15th, to insure that they will be active stakeholders in the design process. it won’t be over till the circus-lady sings.

We each contained pearls of each other’s wisdoms that meshed. I re-entered each thought as a first thought before trying to connect any dots. I often use this begin-again technique to access the universe in midst of change. It makes me feel calibrated with the universe. OP4, Solvency & Support for Water stretched my imagination to study & mesh Dad’s teachings & my aware body’s immune system. Between father & daughter, we tackled Edema to transcribe into Permaculture regeneration of an Earth we can reinhabit.

Since Reinhabitation is a Bioregional term signifying our leaving forced-enforced constructs behind by jumping out of gridded Megamachine obliteration of natural land contours, heading us back into systemically healthy Nature, I feel empowered to enable rightful supports for water. http://www.planetaryhealer.net/meditation.html

Began using Andy Langford’s, ‘Don’t Belabor the Perfection’ design method


Observing Phoebe’s PO/PW Power over Power within design method


This pathway flowed from epiphany as a systems leap-- felt from a  paradigm-disease-health plane seen with indigenous cultural memory blinders on, to a plane of systemic-planetary-disability in  geological time, collectively absorbing Nature as myself. It struck me to transcribe Dad’s edema body research to earth, water in the wrong states-of-being & places triggering severe health problems.

I call on your senses to take this journey through my Design Tool Box, feel the Goals, Patterns & Nourishments I’m feeling through my Visuals, Grab shots, Drawings, Research, to a core of Permaculture, & Financial Permaculture & SSW-artist-ways that guides my GU Un/Learnings, enabling me to align an LLL Land Learning Laboratory pathway model for Home. Home sounds cute & benign. How many will feel its cutting edge? That Old very Old Right Livelihood IS HOME?  Can HOME support a (LASTing locally active sustainable town in community that offers an OOPS office as Operating Overview of Permaculture Systems, leading to OOPS being my Home Office Of Permaculture Sustainability, akin to that mapped proposal for a Community Clearinghouse during a Transition Town Open Space, “Honoring our Elders?” 

While writing this am experiencing burn out from being handed a sudden lead on the Sustainable Futures Commission. After a year of no interest, I must come up with immediate strategies for funding a Living Eco-Machine Wastewater Treatment facility site visit, & find a way to convince engineers that don’t understand collaborative design how this is so very special. I’ll write up a report to present to the Town Board of Trustees in two weeks, which, if successfully managed would get Jonathan Todd and his Chief engineer Hui Lin to Lyons for a three-day all-out proposal to visit 2 wastewater treatment  sites with a large group of stakeholders to arrive together at a design plan. Am sidetracked to plunge into the town budget for a match, arrange donors, find $ and a constituency of compliant and non-compliant stakeholders to get JTED to Lyons. He wants a huge Charrette-type arrangement for designing a wastewater living-system with no scope in the feasibility study to match. The scope is backwards, but satisfies business as usual, choosing a site before taming the horses. Big Challenge meets  Big Opportunity. Am I up for this? My grainy eyes are not cooperating. I reschedule my sleep for earlier to bed & earlier to rise, missing exercise time, legs heavy from fluoride that  Longmont puts into our water & sore from falling off my bike dodging traffic. So-many body adjustments needed, with only one deed piled on.

When I entered GU, my burning wish was to use my persona SuperSkyWoman to maximize connections for making a Land Trust for artists and permaculturists to invent new models for home and town life-systems, for a functionality, ethics & aesthetics merge:
Patience, am now convinced that my first year was meant to savor what was in my Output-Mind Pandora’s Box of creations, creatively mining very full Learning Contract objectives. How did the Learning Contract get so wise?
This first year blew me through most pressing affiliations and empowerments within each (just skimming through OPS 1-5 shows how fertile one can make a desert, by honing in on practices and design methods of permaculture for which SuperSkyWoman was trained in the 90‘s, certified in ‘96 by Dancing Green’s Dawn Shiner, & in ’97  by Bill Mollison + Scott Pittman at Ojai, where we blew cool earth air through a passive geothermal tube. This OP is the survey tip of the HOME iceberg, wonder how long i can use that metaphor? During my Capstone year, Artisans will be invited to help create my exterior envelope, keep cost down & energy efficiency high. I get a next chance to make home ‘feelgood’, ‘restwell’, ‘projectworkready’. Home is IT, feeling like a game of Tag when one finds IT. Similar compound words structured my 1980-87 paper-wire-lobsterclaw-sculpture/play/ book of IT. Here IT is now sitting on my piano, reduced to fit into my book of IT...../LInks_Appendix_5/Future_of_Hands_%26_Feet.html../3/Transition_movies.html../LInks_Appendix_5/Land-Trusts.htmlhttp://www.smallisbeautiful.org/clts/intro_clt_handbook.pdfhttp://www.smallisbeautiful.org/clts.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2shapeimage_15_link_3shapeimage_15_link_4
“In any study, first pure thought is freshest thought, before being variationed out to where it can go as an inquiry. Dad was Science I was Art, or so I thought”
is there an HOURGLASS i can use for No TIME?

“This is all new to me. Public Policy of the Commons, of the Earth. My students are the

next teachers and commissioners. I lived anonymously by my own rules in a big city most

of my life, was supported well by international art world surprises, led Ground zero in a

sustainable push and dreamt of doing what am doing now. Bless the shaping of so many right livelihoods. It’s a permaculture polyculture existence, Asking Nature,

my public / private work, easy in come free...”

Here you will find:

“SuperSkyWoman action heroine, bringing forth Bioregional Ceremonial Village, Permaculture  sponsored by Dept. of Parks & Rec & Town Comp Plan. Coup!  Uh-Oh, I-Ching: Being sworn into local gov’t opens a can of liabilities, You will also find a set of new acronyms  & more in the watery bubble below, easy in come free…”

Keep open your senses, mind heart & gut darting in all directions, question my methodology,

& use of language & kinesthetic presentation, find the sideways glances.”

1.Process Spec’s  2. Welcome Home Outline 
 Areas of Interest:  Asking Nature, The L.A.S.T., Public Policy   
4. About SSW, Transition Town, Transition Movies;  Biocouncil story,  Permaculture    5. ‘da Blog   6.  ‘da Websites   7. Appendix: Sustainable Futures, Financial Permaculture, Village Building Convergence, Bioregionalism

A L.A.S.T.


it pays to be real
OP6 Learning Review

OP6: is the total report on:

OP1A Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness: life & career relationships, OP1B Megaphone Pathways inventions, OP 2 A&R Action Repair wastewater as is, and will be, OP 3 Easy In Come Free, my SSW right livelihood, OP 4 Solvency and Support for for Water, edema in body & earth + humor as homage to my father, OP 5 Recapturing My Home, as land Learning Laboratory (LLL) & we return to

OP 6 Learning review. what to expect:  The tone of my first year is freedom of choice.

Triggered & Measured three ways that align in a big megaphone blasting out, I measure my origins & deeds by Revolution, Evolution, Epiphany. Modern culture likes a static safe harbor to be kept from fear’s-way.  My Right livelihood Home-work (pun intended), under & over turtle’s back as “SuperSkyWoman in tow dances soooslow in the flow, Rise & Slide, is a live enacting of the Matisse dance that gave the feeling of our world’s creation myth.” Turtle, beaver, waterfowl, skywoman the indigenous thought-in-a-ball loop guides us forward.  What worked well in my first year: Learning/Unlearning to make what I am intensely experiencing into my next GU work.  How do I choose my particular IESD path? Is this my path? Should I name or Un-name the path? The UN’s are popping into my earned learning review. Am I one of the UN’s now?

OP3 was meant for me to take pressure off explaining myself over & over in all the other OPs. It gives me and my favorite interests definition, artfulness, relationality and some great appendix entries that began to serve as intersecting websites to all the OPs. I make this an offering to communities, bioregion, planet & universe.

Megaphone Pathways is the most prophetic of my Output Projects: A field of butterflies or penguins arrive huddled to survive, this is the quality in a realm of evolutionary, revolutionary acts being executed, palpable, every inner directive a held epiphany favoring life force continuance. We who arrive are held sacred in this necessary holding place. We’ve migrated with the might of genetic pull to gather as a species, stay the adversity & return to geological splendors as viable living beings to bring harmony back to the other species. This is the power of my projects born here in OP 1B my Learning Pathways Design making its own renewable energy from life in its own buzzzzzing field of dreamzzzzz...
Me here, growing before your eyes. In timelessness. Yes it does exist. In this field you can witness what I have witnessed, how to access agelessness, autonomy, satisfaction, bliss. This Book project though one of many completed, has no end. It is the field. Not a field you have been to anywhere you might think. It is an endless field of no ending and no beginning. Forget Cominggggggg, as SuperSkyWoman has chanted! There are 11 chapters that begin in this life. I’ve stepped out & into this life before & will again. Whatever you champion it will be remembered. As a famous composer once said, once music is released to the field up around you in air, it remains forever for others to catch it, hear it, play it again, play riffs off it, return it to the ether of always  we are for language sake calling timelessness. OP 1A is my story of Turning Points in Timelessness. Letting time a hell’uv’a time GO!../LInks_Appendix_5/Future_of_Hands_%26_Feet.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0