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Teach yourself by experience. It’s time for all good people to know how their waste is being considered, landfill or food? That is the Question. Art has a way of showing us hard facts and soft juxtapositions, with Inside / Outside, Nature / Culture, spectator / introspective. I’ve lived in best of all possible times for making art that helps earth’s process of living. It can be ultra UNuseful, as in only to prove a point, or to observe & figure out. Art is evidence of protest & EcoSocial work, a bridge & the bridging.

Roberto Cascone sent his manifesto for “arte Inutile”, considering anyone receiving it or replying to it part of the group. Asking for my thoughts, I told him, “There’s a little cat jumping round in your UNuseful Opera ‘Inutile’ dedicated to your friend Lerri, the historic voice for Counter-radio who participated in your work; Here’s my offering of a UV light that changes water for an entire village for better or for worse, as it scrambles the water’s DNA, they say it’s better than using chlorine, but I have doubts, this art is a discourse more than artful, representing our ethical affiliations”.

UNuseful Art

UV light

In the

Waste Water Plant

Disinfecting our eyes + UV light


UNuseful Art

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