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As specialty rungs go, the Live-Art ladder’s seminal rung is John Cage, enigmatically drawing what is then performed as his music. When I first heard Indeterminacy, non-stop mesmerizing talk/stories for hours-on-end, I knew I had my hero who could span the arts without qualifying anything. Fluxus loves him. He didn’t believe in mistakes, (He told me). The evidence is all there, record earth to support it. Images in Sounds: Graphic Scores. Alison & I collaborated, fabricating earthy Sound & Paper Performances. Earlier Fluxus would destroy their instruments, but those were Vietnam days. In the early 80’s an earthy conceptual took over music & art such as Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. In my experience, these composers are totally imbedded in eco-social discourse of their eras via their awareness that takes shape with unorthodox yet manifestable performance methods.

John Cage  Fontana Mix, Image scores, notations

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