Infinite Bottom Line?

or endgame of wishes & dreamszzzz...

Welcome to a ‘way of’ reflecting.  Charlie Doria’s is one critic’s way:

  Endgame reflection?

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art is part of earth, within it, un-useful aspects at its service to the commons after being bashed unrecognizably.

Perhaps this website format, very cut-up cartoon has too many boxes to quickly relate to ease?

working left brain to right & back:

‘epiphany’ associates with right brain action, comes in its own time, not deliberate. Left Brain thinks instead of weaving  perceptions automatically.

I see my process is: observe, take in first possibility, other possibilities grow from simplicity, first acceptance to complexity, leading to temporary endings.


This is luscious. preparing website, photoshop & Finding files like: take operational time.

interviews punctuate.

Art within earth widens  matrix ‘regenerative reaches’. With commons section my ecologonomic eco-political assertiveness is fed.

from Shaking the pumpkin, ed: jerome rothenberg...
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