Art that makes you react ‘regeneratively active’ for the earth-dat means in all of the 28 pillars of Earth’s own bioregional endeavor of ecolo-what?

today is an emotional standout performance!  mozart piano concerto in ‘A’, enters my heart digitally orally while I write this, it lifts me like that bye Bye art over the clearcut in La Push I made so emotionally, & at a devastating presumptive leveling off of earth’s mountain top formations, bold actions, the force of such cuts & blasts striking my heart. visually gutted, as tense as the force of dad’s knowing fingers on the piano, Albeniz, lifetimes to learn a craft, hit opposite bases.

music uplifting ecology of air that transports it through recognitive love in childhood for open interpretation, beauty in movement, order, composition, tone, dancing lilts, lifting & stirring up all sorts of Nature’s motifs into ‘ecologonomics’. Change economy to ecologonomy, it heals. Comment on your own words from ecology, whatever they are. I search & find Ecolonomy exists, as sustainability & profit, not necessarily being incompatible, but this does not safeguard life, nature nor humans beyond business accounting’s nor take external costs of health safety & commons welfare into account. I stand with Ecologonomics to go further.

SSW opposes chainsaw madness downing all in the way for controlled use, resource use, to sell to buy, commercial economics sinking through ground weighting into magma earth.

roots are left as stubble for generations of erosion, silt & toxins Downstream rather than safe succession...

Natural succession, 28 pillars in bioregional language change all economics into ecology in every field, do all things ecologically: DaviD haenke’s Bioregional proposition for eco-sapiens, we hominids who know, sapiens, ‘sapere’ to know, give us credit for our actions for the earth. manual dexterity takes on meaning of intent, what does it do for the earth? Catherine Austin Fitts homes-in on this theme in her financial permaculture structural re-settings for spending & doing-being good vs harm for the earth.