ENTERING MY CAPSTONE YEAR with relief and excitement am  anticipating open space for elves to collaborate,  establish programs to UnMegamachine the planet, create a Commons Public Policy that trumps corporate personhood’s grip, increasingly recreate the Commons, open hearts to Bioregional Home Reinhabitation,  be the living Archive Draft that never stops concluding; the conclusion of which is, there is never a conclusion, only our feeding the spirals that ||: ascend/descend :||, circulate and never end. 

Is this trending to ||: begin again :|| also influencing others as it has me? How will this be energized in my Capstone year? Can we link our spirals? What new golden means, megaphone pathways & fibonacci models will spring from our collaborations, such as congruent regenerative healings?

A way other than ‘da Blog, ‘da outreach, or ‘da evolutionary integral way, floating in / out of the universe together-nether places, similar to that indigenous thought bubble that precedes movement and leads a way forward? That was the way I learned at birth & comes forward now.

Is this asking too much? Or not enough?

I will follow our ‘ways to go, celebrate rites of passage, ‘da IESD Birthdays of each of our skillsets, our dreamzzzzz, our homerooooottsssss, our beauoooooooty, and with Eagle claw image, letting go, a teaching stick I drop mid-air. Will you celebrate with me our conclusions we make that never end? -in commonawegratefulalivewithitresponsivenessbetterthanyoucanimagineshpiel,
                                                               -SuperSkySyWoman summer2011
Gaia U Capstone     Year gratitude..... July 2011-May 2012.......................graduation
MY time wheel: what is planned  is written on a poem, plan it now, it can change, using intuition, thought or  words, even when am ready it has yet to come true
Memories of timelessness gave a read on myself + getting IT, designing IT & learning the IT equalled a miraculous end-of-year. But web-making was slow going +many hours in apple store learning. Like a quick time-lapse it bridged at least ten years of inability to uncode Web language. Herewith is the miracle of newborn cells to learn new languages—& a Chin- Chin toast to keep ‘da flow going...

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 What went well was seeing that my new focus, the Un focus, simultaneously manifests a multiple take-up of what the universe sends out. As noted in my conclusion, the Un has the quality of just wiping out, Non, none, gone. When word & image are visibly in the air, more stop by. Imagine you can place Un before a word like Megamachine, give it a little food, and wipe it out in the same way as a worst habit takes only one thought to feed it into action. Try this with me! This first GU year I watched myself observing myself, as my SuperSkyWoman observing persona does. This is a process I use that I’m now calling Objective Arbitration (OA) akin to Ooma-oo, the ancients who hover, listen, observe as natural conflict resolution within the self & Situation-self, & are able to influence & instill in others that trust with process of gathering input before committing to decisions. This is playing out now literally from my OP 2 Action Repair (A&R), and internally with OP5 Recapturing Home, both ripe for my Capstone year.

The challenges are ego and patrix of those who come in to offer public relations energy, that then expands in a glee-grip promoting of their ‘Yes’! for their reasons, substituting their numbers analyses in a proving game, trying to influence a call to fashion-as-usual. I have noted a residual quality of this ego/patrix in earth changers that have not yet felt they ARE nature, which shows up in reliance on $, influence, trumping with competition, secret wants, etc. This keeps the industrial waste-machine grinding with a superior crushing attitude of sending it elsewhere, rather than trust the biological cycling that eliminates waste & cost & ecological destruction while feeling we are all belonging. I find ways to intercept an overtaking Megamachine attitude myself but it is challenging & gives opportunity for UnMegamachine to re-source. UnMegamachine is my future teaching and living. When I re-read a year of outputs I am struck to tears at every small breakthrough. I see that a variety of my sources are given a new voice in total design deliberation (TDD, such as my LLL Land Learning Laboratory). I’m trained in total natural systems design which segues well into finding opportunity from breakdown, horror & challenge, & feel my forum intersects GU action-draft-design process.

My next & ongoing steps are:  let the Trilogy of Epiphany, Revolution and Evolution play out, Observe,  Trust my process, Kill a few more Guides, (there are many), avoid Cords that try to take hold,  spiral up my vibrational levels to access my Ancient creative abilities, & be there for others, calling it whatever-- mentor or teacher or student-- Oh I have a name...SuperSkyWoman? How will that mature?  Stay tuned...

Looking back is an amazing feat, I cry when I arrive HOME. A reviewing peer’s All- inclusive determinant is HOME, we both live this gifting surplus of HOME. Validation of the importance of my theme carried forth.

Reinforcements (RC) for positive crying is undampened, even missing too much sleep. A historyherstory resides in every part of my first year hologram of Earthbody so light, so intensely putting Attention first while putting Compatibility first while putting Flexibility first-- a triple wham I know now I can give myself & to the Universes blowing/sucking us in & out by investigating all aspects of HOME!

“Commons threads are the indigenous era of prior life, not investing in ego, telling stories in the third person. Commons is the industrial takover of all nature and we as part of nature, all we need to survive as a panet. This led me to investigate intelligences: of nature & easily discernible substitutes. I span aeons of right livelihood & one matrix of non-violence to make this a huge part of HOME, what has been forgotten, what needs to be sourced once again, alone in the body to start then outwardly to all beings, for us al to get past the BLIP of industrial circling & cutting harm to our Commons”

Traditional values didn’t work on me or for me, coming full grown through childhood knowing more than my age-- I accept all who were as they were, are as they are & look now for Commonality. My way of getting back sanity in our human culture to match that of nature’s culture as it was from humanity’s beginnings.. Dance SSW around that!  Last night my son Rob  introduced me to a new NVC FloorBoard dancing game, his remembering every nuance,  is he an Earth Whisperer?

Mindmaps are a dose of conclusion this first year, my timidity dropped, like a laser grounding a kundalini grabbing hold of earth. Let the turmoils come, cry to shake’em loose. I can work at GMO assaults while mother resolves to be happy at 98, we’re sharing a huge laugh at all the crying. Here on a dynamic no space no time scale, Gratitude, I enter my Capstone year.