intuitive specifications:
debt free
HOw long have we been defining life with words?
Favorite book: Skaters rule 
Favorite movie: Hit the dirt
Favorite quote: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing.
merge specification:
Dad’s doodles play an eerie likeness to my Language poetry friends, this poetry thinking could have been mine...this healing, this water solvency, this all one specified body universe...
Time specifications::
Thought, search, collate, order, let sit until  ready,  organization,  research,, wean, print slash & select, edit website work, a week of webwork, find  all material, reorder, images, new edits, augment personal detail, utilize chance  pertinent comments, enrich texts, size, colors, links, bottom menu, advance page , wordcounts, cut cut cut.
meta to meta

My mind to yours & back...

A solvent water depends on good earth pumps

Specifications: Output

Overview: medium, messenger, message:

solvents & solvency for water, Edema.


wild images, restoring pumps, tempering  overwork, megamachine, juggling gremlins.


Ask- SSW, reinhabit, integrate chance knowledge.

Learning Intention Connectors: Epiphany, 

healing, support mechanisms, correlative unconscious, access, unseen methods.

Pathway Design: Earth / body.

Specifications: Project

Overall, wide-to-macro perspective on Edema’s base relation to water, overlay doodle-humor, translate to water’s viability in and on Earth is boosted by my making this OP simple in comparison with prior Ops, intending to give it a less than perfect basic study.

    I found myself relieved at taking on this less than perfection for the first time in making OPs and also countering my father's perfectionist demands of me all my life. It feels good to have done this relying on my wits and intuition, while inadvertently on automatic, using the good skills my father prepared me for: he always asked me to do the hard work first then use left over time for relax and enjoyment, but I have learned to enjoy the easy automatic hard work at the same time.

    I even left the generic black background, which intuitively became my most successful ploy, to be simple & leave it alone, with the work surrounded by elegant deep sonorous black, as if all the pages were water energy so pure in a black hole of pure space.

Who: Myself & My Dad, ultimately our students.

What, Doing & Where:

From the seed of a book on Edema dad was writing at his death, to my juggling generations of research, thought, life, body, earth, water conditions, I select Dad’s scientific medical personal operations outward into whole interwoven systems.

Why: Fascination for Dad’s work all my life. A crack at a new direction, illustrate a correlative unconscious working simultaneously to reveal creative pre-penicillin cures for disabilities derived from water’s routes and re-routings in the body.  Gravitating to  larger planetary context of Gaia Organism.

Anecdote: He’d wanted me to collaborate on a method to add collagen to my handmade paper for an easy one-directional pump-making leg / foot stocking that could be applied while formatively wet, then dry &  remove much as a bandage & re-bandage to prepare for more healing. Unable to work directly with liquid collagen out of fear for my health compromised by inhaling hydrocarbons as a working artist, it occurred to me after his death to instead collaborate with issues that fascinated us both: humor, & healing water in the wrong places. I imagined by translating scale from human to planetary, we could be truly collaborating on a higher order of Doctor to Artist & Scientist to Permaculturist.

you are invited to

Da Water Juggling Act

please date and sign all entries!

Who is this aboriginal gremlin watching sentinel between budding new cities & the once fertile fruiting hills? Dad had it right when asked how he felt about his aging, answering, “I’m Breathing”, Between the Wahsatch and the Sierra Nevada’s, remembering Ronald Reagan proclaiming his already transgressing propaganda, as a beacon of freedom for when communism was reaching its penultimate Berlin Wall destruction, “this shimmering glittering translucent city on a hill” subtly drew  reversed proportions, where the indigenous was a fly to be swatted off a distant commons-of-plenty, with city huge in foreground, taking over our imagination. Where branding changes our commons, has everything to do with Water’s loss of solvency and supports water needs.

why  five?    ~

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..................................................................how many points doth a nation-star branding have in this point in time? For me it has always been the least, and most points...~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~