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My Home website’s life is now rich in streamlined ways that can be entered & understood as an Output referent tool. It parses my time well  & serves to go beyond building outputs.

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‘IT’ was a challenge. Software conflicts caused many crashes, needing to recover files. Behind the tech, to make my poetic style of writing more accessible vied with giving the reader code to find & break for themselves. Till now I'd used my output writings as an advanced scholarly research report mechanism, useful for dealing with shape-changing societal pathologies not easy to overcome. ‘IT’ in itself I found part of the pathology. How would I get my hovering, seemingly non-acting action heroine self regarded seriously as a Town Commission position? Technical improvement helped my confidence, & fostered a love for communicating with those who still don’t understand regenerative processes, yet want  sustainable models.

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Choosing ways to cut back on length and infusion of multiple interrelationships were carefully reviewed and discussed with my advisor, then acted upon. I cut more than half the content I'd started with. I benefited from a second editing round from discussion with a well indoctrinated peer to relocate web process to a prominent place & name it ‘da Websites. My webmaking ability ratcheted up some notches by consulting with Apple Store genius & project time, reading i-life manuals and studying other’s outputs.
My second website to call up complimentary material  was linked to deeper levels one could choose to read or not. It enabled me to cut back on very long pages with small descriptive labeling relied on to deepen discourse.
It went well that readers have less complicated yet more choices to enter my unfolding process. The two website system works well.

The i-webwok intricacies of losing my way then finding it then losing, where am I? can I do this? what’s making it disappear? An error? I have to dump this page, all the tiny restitutions where I lost it, this web technology limitation. Parallel people dynamics, one day others work along, the next day deciding on their own, when does it get to be agreed, is it too late?
I constantlly worked at keeping up with myself & computer breakdowns.
Too many involvements overwhelmed this new Home site, with no capability for pull down menus. Imagine 10 years avoiding creating a home site from sheer magnitude & then no i-web pull-down menus. I had worked up a home site + a GAIA U workbook site to act as my journal, but most was dismantled for this OP. I robbed materials from myself. This has been a roller coaster ride I thought would be easy. Unlike Superman, SuperSkyWoman is  
easy in come free...