Wastewater As is:
What’s the plan? Who tells or doesn’t tell whom, which expert now? Leave it to the bidders? Or will we trust integrating a multiple-function design?

think again of how, increasingly, economics-as-usual leaves out externalization of costs to restore good health and beneficial functions. Workers handling toxic materials are reflective of all who are in contact with costly chemically based machine engineering that has cut us off from entire Watershed planning.

It is easy to follow known pattern with automatic gesture. But which pattern leads to biodiversity? Civic leaders take a role of competitive point-by-point decisive administering. No wonder cancerous fracking of heart and mind drives corporate rule-of-thumb GDP consumer product measurements, instead of a GDH (Happiness well-being indicator).

Corporate-Personhood legal structures were introduced by an anomaly of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Outdated professional services, number metrics, earth-killing monoculture, collapse, centralization’s muscle-power, loss of local self-sufficiency, loss of the Commons and emphasis on experts fixing part-after-part insufficient to create an integrated self-sustaining whole, all have expensive toxic results.

Our town’s 1998 Comp Plan was formed by CHARRETTE, yet the Charrette has been erased by an attention span lopped off by our present culture. Charrettes break the expert mode by banding together experienced designers, architects, engineers, city planners, energy experts, etc. not hired individually per se but as a design team mechanism to achieve the highest form of regenerative focus. All integrating participants see, feel, influence and co-ordinate with each others’ plans to highest end result.

Costs for specialization mount: facility breakdowns, neglect of soil fertility, downstream degradation, need to dredge sediments, costs to landfill, methane increase, wasteful energy use, air pollution, costs of health outcomes and the need for bigger accumulating local budgets.

Everyone loses. UNLESS we...

Six thousand years of sewer system domination is finally yielding to state-of-the-art Wastewater health. Next chapter deals with the performance Contract and EPA metrics, which leads to Wastewater To Be.

Nov 16th 2010, SuperSkyWoman gets a tour of the town Wastewater Facility, making her

from first dumped solids removal stage manually brought to the dumps... to polymer addition at end, all that work to retrieve effluent water





Here are photos of our Town Wastewater monoculture treatment facility, at various stages:

How long can nature handle the gray, to lose the feel for green?

if it’s grey & plastic don’t eat it, or even filter it, its life has left it. Fish it out of water & dump it...

is ultra-violet light treatment enough to give:

non potable beginning and ending
why add polymer just before auguring & spread that sludge residue out on the field?
micro-organisms bubble solids to skim from liquids, little flies find their monoculture niche...

This current Wastewater system begins and ends with dumping into a landfill... in between is much unappetizing manual labor, pumps ‘n pipes upping water from great depths to great heights, continuing across fields, through watering, de-watering, desolidifying, fermenting, resolidifying, odor treatment, deep cavern staircases, hard to keep clean metal grids that see through to monitor flow, huge pusher arms, redundancies, compounded risk of failures, jeopardizing composting, not allowing use of algae, creating unpleasant tasks and maintenance... drudgework worthy of a  ‘Janitor’ job description...


Clarifier fermenting solids

Why not put all components to work? Here is the last separation of water and solids: the water gets zapped with UV light to scramble its DNA and confuse any remaining bacteria, while solids are treated to a dose of polymer that congeals enough to augur it up & out to a resting field, Here it cannot be used as compost, but gets ferried in trucks to the dumps.  Where is AWAY? What’s the real scoop on BOD metrics? See Ocean Arks & JTED telling post-engineering metrics for water effluent. The separated zapped water goes out to the river downstream from here.

Auguring up

UV light treatment

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