Process Reflection Conclusions: 

I had superfocused high energy creating this OP.  As before, this Megaphone Pathways OP had a great gathering phase, developed first into an outline to be a guide from the chaotic state of pulling out all stops, taking stock of all flows and relationships which led to many new concepts, which then led to meaningful plans for Future OPs to pop in. What I accomplish here is partly spurred by OP 1A and partly new territory. I trust the process. Whew! I love it! I notice all my relationships in Town are opening up to new levels, with friends sending amazing people my way, and with Commissions and town staff wanting my collaboration. Am already feeling a direct connection with Gaia U taskwork and channels opening up, yet spend less time at meetings, more time doing only what I love.

    Megaphone Mindmaps as pathways work. 
    I exemplify the Model of Nesting Systems (Donella Meadows) Yet, Sun and Life favors growth.

B. The Megaphone concept arises 
May 20-10. I redraw Megaphones by hand, add new ones from sketches in my Learning Journal, add color, ponder incorporating computer symbols downloaded to simplify the look, turn PDFs to JPGs, use the many boxes method for i-Web construction & study scads of computer mindmaps, Prezi files, work with new Mindmap icons that interest me for work and play, I scan in old apropos art & redraw images, 

C. A Master Mindmap becomes a Megaphone Field with 
a Mandala Function:  
new mandalas for Learning/Unlearning,
My life for somebody else,
Un-Cheerleading, Ancestry,
Practical case for sentient being 
survival, Timeless Time, Feel My Heart,
Eat my Hat,
Unlearn the Logo, ASK-SSW,
Learning The Way I Work.
Advertising to the world of Bye Buy  
with a Bye Buy Megaphone? 
Am not very interested in making 
mindmaps on GEL site yet.
perhaps later! Put in video sparingly 
there are hyperlinks to files. 
Val, says to use the i-web format to get 
my work out to larger audience. I 
agree. (Unlearn that I want to learn the 
GEL site?) 

		D. Mindmap resources: Mayomi : mind mapping online (free) stencils

SSW learns branding to get unbranded- 
Incorporate Audio/video at confluence, make it run through backdrop image of river confluence with running script? This video work will be done in another OP!

F. Resources: I make a detailed 
Use for OP 1B file, place photos & files in 
proper place on i-web pages, It’s a long arduous 
process but worth it to get the graphic look I love, 
and keep check on progress..
Process Reflection

Progression of Ask SuperSkyWoman Branding:

Radical Food Manifesto, Vienna 1993

Original Bye Buy Handmade Paper Napoli show 1995

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