for the year

A. Edema (body & earth water) + Healing Coco)

                  + Laughter (Dad),

Disability VS Disease, Permaculture Healing, Plant communication, Perm the head action, Bioregional Jump, 53 senses, promote water work that has a ready audience, Dad’s research.

B. Water Mark “un-megamachine” courses: Start a course at my Water Mark of Lyons PPP: LLC, Practice letting go of the Industrial Megamachine with others, use design methods in venues, study Conversations that Matter: NVC, RC, Theory U, Open Space, Conversation Café’s, Check-ins, All Species Representation, Joana Macy Work that Reconnects, Dreaming, Back-casting, Transition games, Musing with Nature.

C. Interactive Books, How to Write a Unique Critique:: the unorthodox, the wild, the fluxus, written by Nature, Who’s the story Teller?

D. Permaculture Greenhome Renovation: handbuilding methods using workshops via Parks & Rec sponsorship.

E. Where the wild beginnings are -WTWBA We are nature as base, art/ poetry, photo, query evidence, WalkTalks asking nature, creative essential kiosks, what are the Q’s?

Growing inoculum /

fungi / worms

F. Interview Deep Retro Thinkers (DRT)  David Haenke & Linda Montano, List Similar work being done (outreach) + critics Ricaldone, RC Morgan…Interweave the dead & alive, A Time Travel Life, Popcorn & Popsicles, Popsicle Index (Solari) phenomenon: why did it not “take hold” fast everywhere? GU & FP blogs

G. Make a Good Business Case, management, indices, metrics, gauges, reports GU, SFC, EDC, FP Values for Permaculture, No GMO organic food farm sheds. Study other business cases, do research like H Lovins that is shovel ready to use for communities.

H. No Routines please - Just Do it

Major works come from top-of-head,

Ear Magazine image scores, Tristan Tzara

My relations with Quileutes, their

Time Travel Life,

Support a fluid Transition Town Lyons,

Thomas Berry & Brian Swimme cosmologies,

(WTPPA) What the evolutionary pros

positions are today

United We,

Interview my dead heroes with Parrot

& a found snakeskin:

Ray Johnson Correspondence Art, Dick Higgins Happenings & Intermedia, Donn Steward United Limited Art Edition Master Printer, Douglass Howell master Papermaker, Sari Dienes Fluxus...

Nature answers God...

I. Action Repair, The New A&R like

discovering new talent: Apply it with Water

Mark’s Infinite Bottom Line, with a history &

future through Hunter Lovins’ Integrated

Bottom Line & KA, Fitts’ Tapeworm Economy,

Green Business in Lyons, Form Lovins’ Denver

Business Case-type workshops, Katherine Austin

Fitts fallacy of the Triple Bottom Line damage

it has done, Create documentation for new

Financial Permaculture & VBC/City Repair

Projects & Videos...use

Powerpoint, Congelo Leafleting at ground zero, SSW kicks up the Bottom Line (see mmmore core images). Take stock of live metrics in the world rather than specific arbitrary movements and planned programs. Show symptoms & underlying causes, Ask this living evaluation to be done with all action learning we do.

J. OOPS: Operating Overview of

Permaculture Systems? =

OOPS: Open a Lyons Office Of Permaculture

Sustainability  Sustenance  and make it last:

& LAST: Make Lyons a Model Locally Active

Sustainable Town, (LAST)

Model it strong enough to outlast attrition, catastrophe, oil collapse, greenhouse effect, overtake by privatization, multi-national corporation or big government. Be in forefront, teach, write, speak on EcoArt as Regenerative Living. This OP presents Tools that:

1. Raise level of government visioning, repeat values of conservation strategy, vs taxation base.

2. Design riparian corridors evolving into value-making, value-adding local business & services vs big box development annexation.

  1. 3.Implement honoring exemplary Sustainability work via Lyons Comp Plan.

4. Use integrative eco-social design training to expand understood language and technical presentation skill.

5. Find appropriate mentors.

6. Use learning budget to intern for effective researchers, like Hunter Lovins who gather data that educates developers, corporations, towns and community leaders. (manifest exchange & pro bono).

7. Design closed loop circular FP Plan to keep resources in the community.

  1. 8.Teach Village Building techniques to

town governing bodies for self-governing.

9. Form Permaculture integrated-town-design Charrettes,. All assess optimum practices and design strategies. Develop a team.

10. Set up Action-Share: Be There or Be Square, New Water Currency to keep local systems flush in wealth.

11. Build on successes. Earth wealth-making attracts rich visionary people to grantmaking.

12. Groom elder residents who mapped a storefront Community Clearinghouse to support their plan, enhance their quality of living.

K. Protest Letters: how to engage in daily

unlearning, as new book, could be

titled, The New Public Policy: TWSKN, Things We Show, Know, Now, or Given and Giving. A How To: Practical Case for Human / Sentient Being Survival/ Paths to Self-Sustain

+ Other New OP Sources as Lived, Decide on OPs via Epiphany? Evolution? Revolution? I may have  2 years worth of OPs here that could morph, synthesize or new ones develop.

Supporting notes:

More on Edema & Healing by humor

(Body & earth correlated, Dad’s work, my healings, my body, dad’s hysterical doodled creatures. Movie maker & toymaker fantasy characters. Free the imagination to heal one’s body of underlying water insufficiency, imbalance of salt water & improve blood & flow. Our conversations on earth-water imbalances.

My notes, evoked in Donella Meadow’s book, Thinking in Systems, ties in systems disrepair, systems thinking. (She deceased 2001) Ask SSW, How did we get disabilities worse than named diseases which shove us into symptomatic crises?

Where do ailments/ disabilities spring from? Water, air degradation, poisons, too much fire? No viable seed? GMO takeover of organic? Insufficiencies, imbalances, overuse? Dumping up down under near, far away to haunt us? Which ailments correspond? (Louise L Hay, You Can Heal Your Life).

        Preferred New Op’s
Wild earth
walk backward
your own

Interactiv #1 for Thomas berry, exchanging our wisdoms

Dada Marching Man drawing 1958

42 Interviews of Waters & Friends, Venice 2008

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