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Integrative EcoSocial Design

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Links WW 8&9 Year2 #2 & #3       9-Year2 #3 Regenerative Healing

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i-Web  LINKS

Transferring files via Send It

Tracking Linked In

Found Mac Snow Leopard Mac Book Pro conflict with MS Office

Programmed 2 terrabyte Seagate Hard Drive to work automatically with time machine

Apple Store one-to-one & genius rebuilt crashed Entourage database

Photoshop CS3 - Screen shots into editable Jpegs

i-Movie videos - scripting - quick ‘n dirty edits

Two style choices, white & comic book + Arial & Comic sans MS fonts

Designed a new Superskywoman business card on Vista Print

My advisor taught me ‘bitly’ to shorten urls

Skype Chat notes documentation

Scanned mindmaps from learning journals with Epson artisan 800

Downloaded MP3s to hard drive then to i-tunes

Found out after i-web & Moblie-me ends in June, to change web-host & use i-web

Panasonic digital 16 Megapixel Lumix DMC-FH25 camera, video sound at odd times, lowers volume & scratches, to make editing easier, don’t use that portion, an integrative lesson in letting go: does not pay to fix.

Photo Booth self-documentation, I learned  


from string of photos at bottom of Photo Booth window, to choose images I want to flip: choose Edit-command-Flip Photo,

the selected images lose their other-side-of-the-mirror quality. To flip video, use these instructions for i-movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45fS8lm7pAU

trouble shooting open Food Manifesto