Concluding Q&A


Shannon Francis is Dine’ (Navajo) from Shiprock, New Mexico, and Hopi from Kykotsmovi, Arizona, & is Towering House clan born for Red Running Through the Water Clan.

Q. Who carries your packages?

A. q. Not chosen but inferred has become a one-woman band for all worthy indigenous causes & self-care

Q. Does YOUR garden need water?

A. q. not chosen but gave me a gift of potent Hopi sunflower seeds, is aware of drylands water conservation

Q. Does what makes ART Elite make Earth Elite (appropriation)?

A. In our conversation Art was high on list for being of value to others, I am trusted to use Superskywoman!

  1. Q.How to play by the money without money?

A. Do every kind of fundraising, gifting as part of anything bringing a return, real as power, more than $


Test Qs to Myself & to Shannon + Concluding Thoughts

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Test to Myself

Did my invented Design Methods

  1. 1.Evaluate criteria for Regenerating the eARTh? I used GaSadie method & the megaphone outcry

  2. 2.Honor my values?   I’m empowered by oral culture redundancy. I treasured reciprocity with nature beings & indigenous values.

  3. 3.Determine if I was clear in required parts of outputs? ≤≥ partially: I can get muddy, had to rein in my two ways of writing. Right Brain made me more tired than Left which was faster & easier. Right was more predictive.

  4. 4.Pioneer acronyms to project meaning?  LLL, PPP...

introspection     awareness   self-adjustment self-reliance     self-care    love

Larger Scope

  1. 1.How do I align my life choices with timeless indigenous wisdoms? ≤≥ being supported

  2. 2. Am I earning my living from Appropriate Business, Home & Town pursuits?  ≤≥ Not yet traditionally, but right livelihood continues with SSW acceptance strategies.

  3. 3. How am I measuring 1st action steps while unlearning reactive defensiveness? √ Earth Whispering really works, I lost my anger

  4. 4. Am I Observing / intuiting proper fit to each occasion using both brains? √ Wow! all OP10

  5. 5. What achievable living metrics can I show beyond monoculture numbers? √ working with JTED Biodiversity, Earth Whispering & Open Source ethics strengthening

Conclusion Intro

This Output was difficult to carry through. I processed deep observation where ‘Regenerative Reaches’ apply in ecosocial art, expanding my recognition of regenerative design, including elevating ‘memes’ through layers of Patrix, towards an older larger original affiliation with Indigenous Matrix which feels richer, nurturing & walks strong. Synchronistically, I’m stronger when am found again by integrative life-artist collaborators: a composer, a fluxus artist, my Congelo group. Am led back to regeneration projects in Italy. I anticipate OP11 Regenerative Mind: the fortitude within, for ‘An EcoMachine for Lyons’ to grow substantially through connections begun here. The strong-silent-invisible of Art within eARTh that drives common art knowledge into Ecosocial community, validates this place in my Capstone Year.

eARTh Photopage

Qs to you the reader: 

1. In what ways can you benefit from Right brain expansion?

  1. 2.Do my two-brains add to or replace each other?      

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